Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Year 2010 in Review

Ethan and Marshall with matching outfits
Ali and Josh's wedding
Nanny and Marshall cuddling
Marshall's dedication
Easter Morning
1st hair cut
Reree and Marshall
our little cowboy
Great Grampa Chick playing with marshall on the tractor
Mommy and buddy at Family Camp
Aunt Tasha
by the beautiful rose bush
There big hunt
stawberry picking
Great Grammy Helen ( our trip to Canada)
Marshall's 1st birthday
Grampa D.
Aunt Shay
in his new sandbox
singing to Jesus
Kayla's 23rd b-day
Where is it?
Swimming with E-man and Bada
Fun in the Sun
Grammy D. helping eat
our newest edition to the Denny's
Mommy, Daddy and Titus Ronald
Aunty Jess
Papa C. and Titus

Playing tug-a-war with Bell at Dunn's Camp
after apple picking
Partrig hunting
Grammy with her boys
Watching Papa's baseball game
Harmonica playing and dancing
day at the Oxford fair
Church ocean day
Roasting marshmellows
me and titus
Aunt Hannah
the best boys in my life
marshall doing his favorite pass time
cool doods

cutting out christmas tree
our first snow

We have had a wonderful 2010. God is so good. We have had lots of growth spiritually, in maturity, phisically and now in number. We are now looking forward to 2011 and awaiting what blessings will come.