Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not Enough time in 24/7

I haven't blogged i think in 4 months. Time seems to slip by in a blink of an eye. Computers suck alot of valuable time away from me so i try not to spend to much time on it especially when i have little one. Sorry to all my friends who have waited for a post from me. Life has been a whirl wind and now that summer has hit it will go even faster. my boys are growing like weeds. Marshall turns 2 tomorrow and titus is 9 months old, also baby is 3 months along. i am so blessed by my family. Josiah has been gone for 2 weeks and comes home tomorrow. YAH! Please pray for a safe return for him.

Thought i would post some things from the last 4 months.
God has greatly answered our prayers. 3rd baby due in November, Josiah is now working full time in the aircraft mechanics shop and God also provided for him to go to school for 2 weeks in Texas to get his A&P certification. We also got a used ( new to us) car which has been a blessing. We are also slowly looking for a home of our own. God is so good to us and HE deserves all the praise for our blessings.