Thursday, January 12, 2012


(above Picture) This is me, very pregnant, just a few days before birth
- Mommy and Gabriel right after delivery. This is one of my favorite parts. The bonding time you get right after birth
 We had a awesome team of midwives to help with the labor and birth. As you can see everyone was extremely tired because we had all been up for about 44 hours with a few naps ( me napping the least of course).
                                                         Daddy's 3rd son in his arms
 A very happy Titus holding his younger brother. Titus loves to give Gabe lots and lots ( and might i add ) lots of kisses.
                  I cherish the evening hours because this is when i get my real cuddle time with my boy
                     Marshall loves to hold Gabe. He is so good with him. He is Mommy's little helper.
Gabe is my happy, content and smiley boy. He is such a blessing to us and i so appreciate his joyous spirit added to the Denny household. He smiles all the time and only cries when you know he needs something. God has been very gracious in giving us a happy boy for number 3. Now both Josiah and i am can say  "my 3 son".