Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas really late

 A very happy boy with this candy
 Every year i would like to make the kids something so this year i did turtles for playing outside
 every year we get the boys a gift to add to there tool box this year marshall got wrenches
 Titus got a saw
 slippers were the favorite present
 after they both had them on they ran all around the house saying "ready, set, go"

 Marshall has tones of stuffies but titus has none so we got him a doggy this year
this gift was for both the boys. we love to play with playdoh

the pictures got a little mixed up but as least you can see a little bit of our christmas morning. since christmas was on a sunday this year we spent christmas eve with my family for the morning, the moody's for the afternoon and then even at christmas eve service. Christmas morning we got up a 6am, opened gifts, went to church and then spent the rest of the day at the dennys. we has a very blessed 2 days celebrating the wonderful brith of Christ.

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